Founder of ‘Simply Empowering Enterprise’- specializing in guiding individuals to take good care of their business and personal wealth

JOYCE LIM, speaker, trainer and coach in ‘Personal Financial Management’ focuses mainly on empowering an individual to take care of his/her money in a simple and practical manner in both business and personal.

Joyce Lim brings with her more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry and is a PSMB Certified Trainer.

She provides a practical approach to managing money through her company, Simply Empowering Enterprise:

  • Business advisory focusing on business cash flow and budgeting for business growth
  • Outsource bookkeeping services – organize and simplify financial information for management decision
  • Secretarial Services – named secretary for companies
  • Trainings and workshops – basic accounting and personal financial analysis
  • Magazine article write-ups, in areas of personal finance

Website : /
E-mail : /
Facebook page : How to Take Good Care of Your Money



Nicky Cheng

Founder of ‘Why Not Production’- Videography and Photography

Nicky Cheng with more than 9 years of experience in photography and videography, started off his passion and career initially as a hobby. Developing his skills through a hands on training, he has produced many videos with positive remarks by meeting his client’s needs.

His interest in videography production grew after the making of a documentary and a promotional video for client’s, challenging him to put out a message to people out there in a short and effective way. Currently, he focuses more into the makings of corporate videos and does event coverings, bringing skills, ideas and technology to produce a complete package for all companies need.

Website :
Facebook page : Why Not Production



Edward Boey

Founder of Newwave Synchronizer – a simple and functional website provider

After a stint in recruitment cum training company, as well as, internet selling and marketing, this graduate from Charles Stuart University based in HELP University, started establishing a foundation for his own business in the fast moving world of internet and related business, making full use of his ‘Bachelor of Information Technology’ knowledge.


Following his search for the answer to “Why am I here?”, starting with an encounter with the book ‘The Seven Basic Laws of Nature’ at Amcorp Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Edward went back to get a second copy and signed up for the 2-days ‘Bio – Cybernatics Program’ in 2008.


From the program, he found some answers to what he’s supposed to be here for, on earth, by simply following his spiritual heart. Through guidance, creative ideas and managerial expertise from Elango Thiyagu, Edward founded ‘Newwave Synchronizer’ in 2011.


‘Newwave Synchronizer’ specializes in web development and web maintenance that includes:


  • Custom web design
  • E-Commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Domain name registration
  • Web Programming
  • Web Maintenance
  • Web hosting
Today, while he continues to follow his heart and provide good, fast and reliable service to his clients at affordable price, he continuously reminds himself to live life according to Nature’s Laws.


With ET Ideas, Edward serves as the ‘IT Manager’ – taking care of the equipment, audio and video. He also conducts workshops on ‘How to set your Own Website’.


Website :
E-mail :



Founder and Creative Director of D’Chic Events

Deelashiny, the Founder and Creative Director of D’Chic Events, is a Science graduate who seized the opportunity to deliver her traits in the ever chaotic world of event management. With her faith on Nature and by listening to her Heart, she started off her company solely based on passion who now have grown to an event planner that delivers a satisfying experience for her clients.

D’Chic Events is an event management company that helps to build, strategize, develop and manage all or part of an event through creative ideas which brings a fresh perspective to any event. No matter what stage of the planning you’re in, we would definitely help make your event the best it can be. Carrying the same dedication and passion, D’Chic Events, strives to deliver results that exceeds your expectations leaving your guest a memorable and fabulous experience.


Facebook: www.facebook/DChic Event .com
Twitter: www.twitter/DChic


CEO of ET Boost

Rammya became the Creative Director of Clicking Pens while pursuing her studies in Bachelor of Journalism. With her passion to share a message via visual and technology, she ventured into the production field, developing ideas, putting them into storyboards and scripts and channeling her ideas to produce entertaining and educational videos.


She not only produced corporate videos but also became passionate about the creation of music videos, covering events for companies and organizations and producing testimonials which is highly demanding at this current time.


Being the host of ET Youth for more than 3 years, gave Rammya the experience of asking the right questions from her clients to produce the best information she can through her video productions.


CEO, Producer and the Host of ET Boost, Rammya is exploring her skills in providing fun and valuable content for the younger generations through this online platform.



Facebook: ET Boost

Email Address:


Founder and Creative Director of ‘Kim Galaxious’ – The Image Avenue

KIM GRACE, a Personal Stylist, is passionate and talented in guiding people into creating their own identity through clothing and accessories within individual budget.


“Buy less, choose well” – Vivienne Westwood


Catering to all walks of life, she helps them discover their personal style by the mix-and-match of current wardrobe with new styles. She help to change and enhance their image to be fearless, brave and bold to embrace the change. If one is willing to change, he/she will grow.


Kim graduated with a degree totally different from the fashion line. Her fascination towards fashion started since college days and now this interest has found an outlet through ‘Kim Galaxious’. The decision to start on something new and exciting in the fashion industry was not easy to come by, though. In this situation, Kim is fortunate to have Elango Thiyagu’s continuous guidance and encouragement in making the transition.

Now, Kim finds immense joy in working with individuals to discover their own unique style.

Her services include:
• Consultancy on Personal Style
• Wardrobe Optimization and Revamp
• Personal Shopping
• Personal Styling
• Personal Makeup
• Mix & Match Fashion workshop


Clement Chen

Founder of Creative Education Director of ET Learning Hub

Clement Chen has a huge passion in teaching. He has been providing home tutoring service for the past 8 years.


He customizes his way of teaching, materials and activities to trigger the students’ attention and intellect; bring the best possible learning pace and method to enhance their academic results.


Over the years of providing tutoring service, he realized many young children has great potential and ideas in mind that could bring betterment for our living and environmental condition; but lags advices, platform, and encouragement to do so, often feeling beaten down.


In year 2016, Clement Chen materialize his vision of “Science Playground” programme. It is a place where children experience learning and excitement with a purpose.


The higher level experiments excites their imagination and creativity, while discussion after the experiments make sense of the knowledge with their hands-on experience.


These effort enhances their current academic learning too, while encourages these amazing young minds to discover and innovate to embrace the fast changing world.


Already parents have providing positive feedbacks, some noticed a bump in Science exam results, others said their child spending more time with science related videos instead of gaming on their electronic devices.


Clement Chen strongly believes that by nurturing young minds, providing them a platform to innovate, work on their ideas, free from judgements of failure and being truthful, will bring great talents to societies and make the future bright.


Facebook: ET Learning Hub


Alagenteran Chinnayah, a Public Mutual unit trust consultant who is currently in his 50s, is currently ranked as an Agency Supervisor where his experience in this line of investing in unit trust begin since the year 2002. His first investment in Public Mutual gave him 100% of returns in 6 years.


In 2009, he started as a part time consultant for 3 years, before becoming a full time consultant in 2012. Now, he is servicing more than 100 clients and the number is still rapidly increasing .


He serves his clients through regular updates on their investment status, giving investment advice to his client on locking their profit to maximize their investment return by focusing more on monthly regular investment. He also can assist in EPF investment scheme as well as lump sum investments.


Facebook: Ala Genteran
HP No.: 019-2624561

Asuraajan & Priya

Founder of Sushan Innocreation

SUSHAN INNOCREATION was established in 2010 by two science graduates who started the business solely based on their passion and developed into creative, innovative and skilled artisan chocolatiers. It was set out to provide chocolate related services which include unique chocolate based products for variety of events and occasions. The creativity of the team in customising the chocolates in a unique way always create a sweet impression on the recipient.


What they offer:


• They feature customised handmade, artisan chocolate gifts with variety of flavours, shapes, inserts, colours and packaging including chocolate bouquets, “hantaran” and private label corporate/ premium gifts.

• They also provide chocolate based door gifts with variety of shapes and sizes for all kind of celebrations, corporate meeting, cultural events, holiday parties and etc.

• Besides that, they offer the service of chocolate fountain desserts corner for all type of events with fresh fruits and confectioneries.

• Sushan Innocreation conducts hands-on chocolate making workshops for the public who wants to start their own business or join them as a subordinates.

• They also sell mouth-watering home-made cookies online supplying at door steps to offices, factories and even home with affordable price and package.

At Sushan Innocreation, it is easy for the clients to find something unique and impressive yet affordable gift for all occasions and the special someone, be it family, friends, collaborators or clients.


Ganesan & Rani


Specialized in teaching students to become more confident in studies, Pusat Tuisyen Si Makmur offers tuition classes for Standard 1-5, UPSR, Forms 1, 2, 4 and for PT3 and SPM.

They also provide a full set of examination tips and training material (Program Latih Tubi) and 3 interactive motivation seminars throughout the year.
Rani & Ganesan, both being an experienced teachers and trainers, helps students excel in their academics.


Other Services Offered:


• CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH COURSES – Certified examination courses by Cambridge University, Cater for Cambridge KEY, PET, FCE and Cambridge Business English, 10 month course and examination with certificates from Cambridge University
• Workshops – to understand The Seven Basic Laws of Nature and setting and achieving goals by enhancing the communication skills as well as interactively setting up a platform for different generations to work together as an effective team

Contact Number: 03-7710 3572/ 017-380 3465


Founder of ‘Sunsray Nursery’ – Bringing Seeds of Peace into Your Life
With a vision to see a greener world, Sakthi started a journey with ‘Sunsray Nursery’ by providing services related to planting, nurturing and maintaining seeds of nature (leafy plants, flowers and exotic numbers).
‘Sunsray Nursery’ brings its services to homes, offices, condominiums, schools…any places where a touch of nature is needed:


• landscape consultancy
• maintenance of ‘kebuns’ and gardens (including soil)
• creative ideas to turn dull corners into fresh and peaceful corners
• vertical garden

In Sakthi’s words, “Nature belongs to everyone, no matter whom the person is or where he/she hails from. Every person on earth should have at least a small piece of nature close to him/her. Nature heals.”

Website :
E-mail :


Co-Founder of ‘Globetrotter Consultancy Sdn Bhd’ Pioneering Culture Shaping in Malaysia


Valsala has more than 15 years corporate experience in British and American Multinationals ranging from Finance, Human Resource, Organizational and Talent Development. At the age of 26 she was the youngest Finance Manager in a British Multinational and by 35 she was a Finance Director.


At 35, she set a goal to setup a training company and be an awareness based trainer. This took her career into Human Resources and then ended up being an Organizational Development Manager. At this point, nature sent her Elango Thiyagu, thankfully.
With his guidance and encouragement she co-founded Globetrotter Consultancy Sdn Bhd in August 2013 and introduced high performance culture shaping to individuals and organizations in Malaysia. ‘Be At Your Best’ , a 1 year program on performing at your peak for individuals and teams was launched successfully. This program is a modification and relaunch of the Awareness based program Elango Thiyagu himself conducted from 1997 to 2008, impacting thousands of lives .
Globetrotter Consultancy is currently pioneering culture shaping in Malaysia under the guidance of Elango Thiyagu, creating waves of awareness in companies and also to the general public.

Website :
E-mail :

FB Page: Globetrotter Consultancy


Yap Huoy Tyng

Certified Health and Fitness Trainer @ EHT Lifestyle
Principal Consultant @ Globetrotter Consultancy


Just like you, Huoy Tyng is ordinary too!

She has been very active in sports at her young age and at age 15, she was a badminton state player representing Kedah.

With her years of experience as South East Asia Technical Manager in corporate company where she was caught up with busy office life and neglected physical wellness, she realized the importance of mind body health.

She left her corporate career to pursue her passion in health and wellness. She is now a certified personal trainer and Co-Founder of Inside-Out Mind Body Solution program; a uniquely designed awareness based program that guides individuals to create wholesome wellness, balance and happiness by transforming from within. She aim to work with her clients, helping them look, feel and live better. Not in a quick fix manner but with simple day to day tasks and personalized sessions that can be life changing.

In hopes of sharing this vital awareness to others, she is passionate into helping ordinary people transform their lives into a happier and healthier one. Allowing them to live their life to the fullest!

Services provided included:
– Individual and group transformation coaching
– Workplace wellness transformation program

E-mail : /

Website :

Facebook Page:



Co-founder,  Business Development and Marketing Director

Key Term Holidays Sdn Bhd – Travel & Tour

Kasthuri has worked and garnered experience in various capacities across many different industries. She has worked in human resource, a junior accountant at a foreign owned company and finally her extrovert character soon found an outlet in telemarketing.

Her 6 years of telemarketing further honed her people skills and she found that marketing and promotion were where her interest and strengths lay. With guidance from Elango Thiyagu, founder of ET Ideas, Kasthuri, build on her skills and experience in telemarketing co-founded Key Term Sdn Bhd and its loyalty program Astutexperience, a card membership program together with some like minded ‘enthusiastic’ people.  From marketing, promotion and branding to various industries, Key Term has moved on to providing solutions to companies looking to outsource their customer service division and desk service for hotel booking and reservations.
In 2014, Key Term Holidays Sdn Bhd was ‘born’ in line with her passion for travel.  A full service travel agency dedicated to providing leisure, M.I.C.E, corporate, inbound and service, Key Term Holidays aim to provide comprehensive value-for-money quality travel and holidays with professional and excellent total travel advisory service to a wide variety of individuals, government bodies and corporations.  Not only is Key Term Holidays in the leisure travel segment, it also has packages for Education Tours as well as Eco-tour.  Today, both Key Term and Key Term Holidays is growing in leaps and bounds with feet firmly grounded with continuous guidance from Elango Thiyagu.

Website :
E-mail :

Facebook : ktholidays

Website :
Facebook : Astutexperience



Genkes, the founder of Chess Master, is a Bronze medal winner in the chess game during the Sea Games in Myanmar.

Chess Master provides services such as teaching chess, holidays chess workshops, chess tournaments, sells chess equipments and etc. Other than standard chess, Genkes also do teach a variety of chess such as double chess, atomic chess, traditional chess, suicide chess & etc.

To put it in a simpler way, Gen’s aim is to make Chess Master a Journey Of Life.


GOSA guides children the essence of life by GOSA’s sagacious way. It is officially the consultant of Chess Master to guide students with a personal touch. GOSA also provide services such as home tuition, workshop and etc.

The founder of GOSA, Selvi Shan, is naturally passionate and love to communicate with kids, learn about the kids world and explore into it. Selvi Shan also provide services for specials kids such as autistic kids. She feel the kids she meets in her life are to teach her about life too. The easiest way to describe GOSA is the Essence Of Life.

Website :
E-mail :
E-mail :

Saranjit Singh

Founder of I Eminent Paradigm Sdn Bhd (IEPCSR Consulting)

IEPCSR Consulting is led by Saranjit Singh, a management consultant who has gained many years’ of experience in Strategy formulation & implementation. He has also acquired experience in electrical power engineering, project & retail management. With the experience gained, he is now consulting organizations on Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability Management.

I Eminent Paradigm, better known as IEPCSR, a corporate social & sustainability consulting company. We are passionate about making the world a better place. We care about how businesses impact the ecosystem and the environment as a whole. Our value proposition – effectively measuring community investment impacts which create benefits for your business, the society and environment.

IEPCSR Consulting provides the following services:-
1. CSR Strategy Development & Implementation: Based on your organization’s unique needs & Stakeholders needs, we will develop a holistic CSR & Sustainability strategy that aligns with your business objectives, delivers measurable results and engages key stakeholders

2. CSR Programme design: We help create and launch signature community or social investment initiatives that focus on our clients’ unique capabilities and can be scaled to drive reputation and engagement

3. CSR Impact Measurement: We enable organization to track the real impact of programmes on the society, business and environment.

Email :

Kalaiarasi Balakrishnan

Founder of SHADE MUA

Kalaiarasi, Founder of Shade Mua. Her interest towards making someone look good and beautiful was always there and through Shade Mua she gets to change the way people look at themselves. Totally affordable and personalized make-up session.

Kalai graduated with a diploma from a totally different field and her aspiration towards Make up started ever since school days and now her interest has become “Shade Mua”.

Kalai found what she loves to do and started discovering about herself with Elango Thiyagu and Valsala’s continuous guidance and encouragement in making the transformation.
Now she following her heart and doing what she loves to do with Shade Mua.

She is providing you affordable and hassle free make up session for all type of events.

Email : shademua@gmail,com


Founder of Pusat Yoga Arogya

Kumar Superamaniam, yoga teacher, trainer and speaker, obtain teachers training certificate from Manasa Yoga and Diploma from Asian Yoga Federation, Diploma in Sidha Varma Kalai & Siddha Herbal Formation and Diploma In Thoduvarmam (Indian Acupuncture).

Currently, he has yoga classes at Semenyih, Brickfields, Hartamas, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Klang Bandar Puteri, and Singapore.

Kumar’s goal is to help every individual to understand how important is the human body and to take charge of their health by taking care of the body, mind, emotion and spirit. The human body is the basis for everything in this life, with good health one can achieve anything.

Services provided :

• yoga class for group, individual, personal, corporate
• yoga workshop for Mind, Body & Healthy and successful living
• yoga retreat for all groups, to move away from stressful and busy life
• motivational talk on Mind, Body & Health
• treatment for diseases based on indian acupuncture, siddha varma massage for all kind of body pain and others

Contact details:
Malaysia : +60122546061
Singapore: +6587006645
Website :
Email :


Heerraa is a 17 year old singer-songwriter, musician, and social entrepreneur. With powerful lyrics, positive vibes and a killer voice, Heerraa is an inspirational performer who creates change through music. She is an upcoming star with many music videos out on her YouTube channel Other than having her singles ‘The Victorious Project’ out for purchase, she also has over 50 original songs written and composed by herself.

Similarly, she also writes and produces music for companies looking for a way to spice up their marketing efforts and engage the younger generation.

Heerraa is also a member of Ascendance, the team that empowers fellow youngsters to start working on their passions while still in school!





HP no.: 016 660 2947


Harsha is the 14 year old Head of Marketing and Branding at ET Ideas and Globetrotter Consultancy, where she gets corporates, companies and organizations to brand their business with a cause.

She is also a member of Ascendance, a group of 4 youngsters empowering other students to start working on their passion and become successful in it while they’re still in school.

Harsha is also a singer- songwritter, musician, bass guitarist, writer and editor.

Do contact her at


Email: /

HP no.: 012 420 0616




Members: Mathura Kannan, Sanadtkumar, Harsha, Heerraa

Ascendance is a team of 4 Gen Ys and Gen Zs Mathura, Harsha, Sanadt and Heerraa (ages 14 to 20), who are inspiring people to become more awesome and start living their lives to the fullest every single day.

Through their Ascendance on the Road program officially launched in August 2016, they’ve reached out to 300 students and are currently working with 8 different educational institutions to work with their students to set and achieve goals and achieve academic excellence and become successful in their passions.

Contact us if you’d like to have Ascendance on the Road at your school too, have an Ascendance on the Road session visit your business and experience your day or if you would like to support our cause of empowering youngsters and get them to become successful whilst listening to their hearts! 🙂






ET Boost

Here’s the place where we shake your perception!

We are not just a place for you to listen to awesome music. We are all ready to present you with lots of cool stuffs that is going to change the way you look at things.

ET Boost, mainly run by the younger generations – a bunch of dynamic Gen Y’s and Gen Z’s together with experience sharing from successful Gen X’s, is sure to bring you a complete package of fun, entertaining, inspiring and ultimately, letting you discover your true potential.

How can you get so many things from just one place?

Click ‘Play’ and you shall find out!
Facebook: ETBoost
Instagram: @et_boost


Founder and Director of CREATIVE CRUX

Kasthoori Munusamy has been in the education industry for more than 25 years. She has taught at primary, secondary and tertiary levels in public and private institutions in Malaysia.

Prior to setting up Creative Crux, Kasthoori was a teacher trainer at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus, Malaysia. Kasthoori has a lot of passion in the growth and development of children and strongly believes that parents play a fundamental role in shaping the future of their children.

She also strongly believes that parents of today need to be brave enough to step out of the existing parenting practices and begin embarking on a different journey of parenting in order to ensure a holistically successful life for their children.

Inspired by Elango Thiyagu and his books – The Seven Basic Laws of Nature and Living the Truth Volume I, and her experiences as a teacher and teacher educator, Kasthoori has designed the Parenting Crux Program – a specialised program which empowers parents of the Third Millennium in raising successful children.

Email: or



Yumitra A Kannan



Yumitra, better known as Pensive Yumi is a young writer, who believes that every one of us is made up of stories and that if and when a told in the right way can impact & inspire people and make the world a better place.

She kicked off her career at the young age of 16 by blogging and has been exploring the vast field, gaining knowledge and first hand experience to improver her credibility.

She actively puts up articles on her blog, covering topics like life, dreams, travel and movies. Other than directing music videos for local artists, writing for different businesses and indulging in amateur photography, Yumitra is also working on her first book in collaboration with the Founder of ET Ideas and is inspired to write more novels, books and film scripts in future.

Other than expressing herself and sharing her ideas and experiences to people through writing, Yumitra also helps those who aren’t good with words by writing for them, be it an individual or companies.

Over the years she has explored many areas of writing and now offers her freelance services in the field of:
– Scriptwriting
– Editing
– Social Media & Website Content Production
– Creative Writing
– Articles
– Features
– Book Writing or Editing
– Profile/Testimonial Writing

Get hold of her at:

Personal Email:
Work Email:
Contact number: 012-233 6004
Blog Address:
Instagram Account: @yumitra_17 or @pensiveyumi
Facebook Account:



Creative Director of ET Boost, Online Vodcast Channel


Thiviya who has finished high school in science, now pursuing her degree totally in a different field. Now she is in second year of broadcasting studying what she really love.

Inspired by Elango Thiyagu and his awesome book “The Seven Basic Law of Nature”, Thiviya found what she loves to do and started discovering about herself. With Elango’s guidance she is now building her skills and experience in hosting shows and in the field of video production.

She used to think success can only be achieved once you have a degree. Now she is changing her perception of success and believe that success is achievable anytime and anywhere courtesy of you doing what you love.

Now she hosts ET Youth, a Live talk show as her training ground to learn and experience the field of media production. She uses ET boost and ET Youth as great platform to learn hands on experience on the very Broadcasting field.

She has also found out traveling is what she wants to do in her life and enjoys the fun of meeting new people. Check out her Blogspot to know more of what she does and her life experiences.

Do what you love. Make it a profession.

Blog Address: