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ET Ideas – The Hub Of Ideas Nurturing Talents unto Greater Heights

ET Ideas, founded in 2008, is a platform that empowers entrepreneurs and individuals to step out of the system, follow their passion, become successful in life and contribute back to society by solving world problems. Founded by Elango Thiyagu who has decades of experience in various fields of businesses, ET Ideas has grown till date, parenting 28 companies and 43 associates, all rooted in fields that inspire them. As a team, ET Ideas has set out to spread awareness to the world about world problems and how we can solve it if we collaborate, adopt creativity and follow our hearts and not the system.

Elango Thiyagu (http://elangothiyagu.com/), founder & entrepreneur with the support of ET Ideas Group Associates (http://et-ideas.com/et-ideas-associates/) is doing this by creating an environment & platform of sharing of knowledge, skills, resources and ideas. #StrongerTogether


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About Founder


Elango Thiyagu

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Our Associates
Nothing really works on its own. We believe that this world works interdependently, where each one of us plays a role in another person’s life. In ET Ideas, we work together in giving out the best service we can to our clients and customers. And to give out the best service, we work together with other associates, who are experts in their own field of work. This in a whole, provides a platform for other associates and people with talent and passion to do what they love as a career. Here are the associates who also play a role as the support group for the growth of other associates as well as providing the support one needs when building a career in the field they love.
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About Founder


Founder Elango Thiyagu

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The man behind ET Ideas is well-known for his funny, crazy, interesting and inspiring ideas. Reaching the balance life that he adore which he calls - time and money freedom, Elango Thiyagu guides ET Ideas talents (associates) and whoever who shows passion and who’s willing to work their butt off on making an idea into reality.
Elango T., entrepreneur and investor explored and studied the dynamics of the human mind and have applied it successfully in personal life and business for more than 25 years. Starting his first business at 12, his wide range of business experiences include software development, safety and health industry, training and development of people and providing consultancy services to improve organizations.
He is famous for his hot-selling book - The Seven Basic Laws Of Nature that explains the fundamentals of the universe as well as his two other books; Living The Truth and Koleksi Artikel Kesedaran Diri.
Currently, he is involved in investing in the financial markets, occasionally does motivation and awareness based training programs for the public in the area of mind and body health and also personally mentoring individuals to listen to their hearts and pursue their goals. He guides them on the path to success by educating them on the Laws of Nature and gets them to experience the laws through their ventures. So far he has helped 28 companies come up and is guiding them towards success.
He is also looking forward to work with the Gen Y & Z all around the world to help them achieve their goals of being successful in terms of happiness, health and wealth as well as solving world problems.

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